Computer Training

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Computer Training

Can you remember a world without computers? You probably can, if you really think about it, after all, they’ve only really been around in the majority of homes for less than twenty years or so, but it’s pretty remarkable just how much they’ve taken over our lives. Put it simply, we wouldn’t manage without them now would we? How many times have you fancied something a bit different for dinner, not the same old boring stuff, so what do you do? Quick internet search for something interesting to do with a piece of chicken, half a tomato and some left over rice . . .

The thing is that computers have made our lives so much simpler, and whether you need to use a computer for work (which is the majority of us these days) or for pleasure, a spot of computer training can certainly go a long way.

Benefits of Computer Training

When I was little (many years ago) I was taught that once I had learned to read, then I could learn anything else I wanted. If I had the ability to read a book about nuclear science or how to get rid of teenage spots, I could, because I had the basic tool to do it. The same principle lies with computers these days, computers have, after all, rightly or wrongly, taken over from books haven’t they? Once you learn to use a computer you can learn to do anything else you want to . . . or at least try.

Computer Training Courses

There are loads of different types of computer training courses, and of course, once you have learned how to use the computer you can then enrol of computer training courses to learn a whole host of other things. Computer training is important for some people to further their career or retrain for a career in a completely different direction. There are several popular types of computer training courses which are great for getting started with the basics:

  • DVD/CD Computer Training Courses – these are jam packed with interactive stuff, step-by-step instructions, exercises and quizzes. I find really “idiot proof” instructions to work the best. These computer training courses are perfect for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace, in their own time and in their own home – on their own computer.
  • Computer Training Classes – sometimes there’s no substitute for a good old fashioned classroom is there, and an instructor who explains things to you patiently, over and over, and then actually shows you what to do and where you’re going wrong. You’ll probably find some computer training classes going on somewhere in your neighborhood, for a couple of hours each week at the local community center or similar, or evening classes in your local school. Corporate computer training classes are great for getting all relevant members of staff up to speed at the same time too, so if your business is about to embark on new technology, for example, why not get everyone together for a class?
  • Online Computer Training Courses – as long as you know how to switch on your computer and browse the internet, you can easily follow an online computer training course which will take you further. These are available in all sorts of topics and for people of all standards, all you need is a broadband connection and away you go. You will often have access to an online tutor who will keep in touch via email or with online chat sessions, and forums where all of the students can pick each others brains and help each other out – there’s often a great online community spirit going on.
  • Computer Training Boot Camp – short, sharp shock treatment. There’s really nothing like a couple of days intense training to really focus the mind. This is probably more appropriate for corporate computer training, but you might be able to find one for individuals if you fancy the idea.
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